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Workplace matters can consume enormous sums of money, time and energy. Our proven processes can help limit the rise and escalation of issues, foster an agreeable resolution, or pursue sensitive litigation actions where necessary.


You have given me the chance of a fresh start that I didn’t think I’d ever have again to be honest. You literally changed my life and I’ll never be able to thank you enough. Just wanted to let you know how much I sincerely appreciate all your help and hard work.

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The team at Chamberlains made buying a property extremely easy, I never once experienced the stress people talk about during the exchange/settlement periods of their property. Definitely recommend!

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The debt recovery team went above and beyond when our business was owed money. Would use again for sure!

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We picked the most highly specialised and talented lawyers.

Maintaining a stable, productive, and safe workplace can mean the difference between success and failure for a business. Commercial objectives, performance, and reputation can depend upon successful management of employment, industrial relations and health & safety issues.

Our team advises and represents both private and public sector clients in all aspects of the employment relationship under federal and state employment, industrial relations, and health & safety legislation and regimes. When we partner with you, we become part of your team for the long term. We take time to understand your workplace environment, your industry issues, your business strategies, and we deliver legal services in line with your business and commercial objectives.

We give your business legal support and guidance on risk management strategies, and help you to preserve and enhance your corporate reputation ensuring that your workplaces are productive, flexible, and as safe as possible. Workplace issues are rarely straightforward.


Process - what happens next?

Initial case evaluation

After an initial briefing of your matter, we will provide you with a preliminary quote.


We look into all aspects of your matter and suggest the most viable path for you.

Case management

The Chamberlains team will work tirelessly to reach the best possible outcome for you.


Employment Documentation & Enterprise Bargaining

Relationships between employers, employees, unions and contractors should be clearly documented to manage expectations and give everyone certainty.

That means you need someone who can write in simple, plain English to lessen the chances of complex and costly disputes arising as well as someone who is an astute negotiator and represent the varied interests of employees, employers and unions.

That ‘someone’ works at Chamberlains.

Employment Audit Services

Don’t let the word ‘audit’ scare you. At Chamberlains, our service is about protecting you by assessing how well you comply with relevant employment laws, and matters such as enterprise agreements and awards.

Our audits can also help you clarify when an employee is an employee. Sounds simple, but if you’ve never heard the phrase ‘sham contracting’, you should speak to us, and soon.

Antonia was incredibly helpful, I am very grateful for her help and for Chamberlains' efficiency. Thank you so much, cannot recommend you enough for the assistance you've provided.

Gregory C.

Work Health & Safety

Workplace accidents and safety incidents can have a significant impact on a business’s ability to continue to function. It can harm productivity as well as staff morale, and lead to potential liability for penalties for your company, or even penalties and imprisonment for company directors and officers.

Having robust systems in place to ensure a safe and healthy workplace can mean the difference between a thriving business or a closed business.
At Chamberlains we assist corporations with everything from compliance and risk management to serious workplace incident management, investigations and regulatory prosecutions.

Work health and safety does not only concern physical hazards, and as holistic workplace lawyers, we are also experts at addressing mental health risks caused by alleged bullying, harassment, discrimination, or mismanagement. Chamberlains has extensive experience in acting for employers in the agriculture, health, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure, maritime and electrical supply sectors.

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Dispute Resolution

Inject the phrases ‘whistle blower protection’ and ‘Fair Work ACT’ into a conversation and watch everyone’s body language tense.

Add ‘unfair dismissal’, ‘confidentiality breach’ or ‘workplace misconduct’ to the mix and listen to the heightened vocals.

Everyone imagines the litigious end game when they hear these words, but the Chamberlains employment team is well versed in advocacy and alternate resolutions. We know how to use the system to your best advantage and plot a calmer, more cost-effective conclusion.

Fair Entitlement Guarantee

If your employer goes belly up, who will be looking out for you when it comes to your benefits?

The team at Chamberlains can assist by negotiating on your behalf to help recover what’s owed to you under the government’s Fair Entitlement Guarantee.

We can even act for you in making a claim against the liquidators appointed to manage your employer’s failed business.

Industrial Relations

Employers operating in today’s contemporary workplace environment face competing interests against a backdrop of growing legal complexity, and social and technological change.Employment and industrial issues provide some of the trickiest and most time consuming problems for a business. The sheer task of managing human resources can be a minefield without proper legal support.

We advise our clients and act in a range of employment and industrial relations matters with a strategy and focus on preventative measures and early dispute resolution.

However, if the worst occurs, we are experienced litigators and will ensure the best possible outcome for your business. We balance sensitivity, tact and patience with expertise, skills, and reliability.


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