Key takeaways and compliance requirements:

Construction sites across the ACT are due to re-open in full from Friday 10 September 2021. However, there will be a number of new obligations for all builders and contractors undertaking residential construction work.

The ACT Government has provided a comprehensive list of requirements for all construction industry participants to adhere to when getting back to site, which can be accessed here. The key takeaways are:

  1. Check in CBR App:
    Every building site must have a QR code available for anyone entering the site to check in via the Check in CBR App. This applies regardless of how long someone will remain on site, however will not be required for repair or maintenance work at a private residence when that work will take under one day.
  2. Appointment of COVID-safe marshal:
    The purpose of an on-site marshal is to manage compliance, and to act as a liaison should the site be exposed to COVID-19. Industry bodies suggest this should be the site supervisor, or someone similar with knowledge of all employees and contractors on site.
    COVID-safe marshals are required to undertake infection control training prior to their appointment, which is provided by the federal government and can be accessed here. Any prospective site marshals should ensure this training is completed prior to Friday 10 September 2021.
  3. Adequate supplies of PPE and safety equipment:
    This includes hand sanitiser, face masks and any other equipment required to ensure compliance with the government’s compliance requirements.

At this stage, display homes will remain closed and categorised as non-essential retail.

The construction industry shutdown has affected the livelihoods and wellbeing of many businesses and individuals. News of the pending reopening in a safe and coordinated fashion is welcoming for all industry participants.

We’re here to help

We at Chamberlains appreciate the difficulties builders, contractors and homeowners alike have been facing in recent times. Should you or your business need some assistance to navigate any legal issues which have arisen during these unprecedent times, please do not hesitate to contact our building and construction team.