Building and Construction.

Efficiency is the name of the game in building and construction. You may not be able to predict extreme weather events, supply shortages, workplace issues or regulatory changes but we’ll have you covered no matter what stands between you and improving your bottom line.

Our team has advised building and construction clients in the ACT, NSW and QLD on a range of projects including infrastructure, industrial, commercial office, and multi-unit housing. We assist clients such as builders, subcontractors, investors, engineers, consultants, developers and suppliers at every point of the project lifecycle.

No two projects are the same, but our objective remains constant: minimise your risk and let you get on with what you do best.

Construction Contracts

All strong structures stand on a solid foundation of paperwork.

Successful projects stem from the care that’s taken at the outset, even before work has started at site. We help developers, builders and subcontractors plan for success and limit exposure by:

  • negotiating contracts
  • providing suites of standard documents, such as subcontracts, consultancy agreements and service agreements
  • setting up checklists and procedures for trade letting, works delivery, defects management and risk mitigation
  • providing support and training for project managers, contract administrators and principals

Security of Payment

Escalating payment disputes in the building and construction industry are costly and frustrating matters and no-one wants to end up in court. For that reason, the government introduced the Security of Payments scheme to ensure timely payments through an adjudication process.

Thousands of disputes are decided through this process every year.

Yet it’s an area of law that can get quite complicated, even if it was meant to make things easier. You need to get the right advice or end up missing out on all you’re entitled to (or forced to pay money you shouldn’t).

The Chamberlains team has an accredited in-house adjudicator who can help get a stalled matter moving, and provide no-nonsense advice designed to get you the positive resolution that helps you move on.

Construction Litigation

When disputes arise in construction, you don’t want to be bogged down in marginal issues that prolong the matter and raise legal fees.

At Chamberlains our litigation lawyers have long experience themselves as property developers, and adjudicators, and quickly get to the heart of the matter to rigorously pursue your interests.

From small residential defect issues and contract disputes to civil disputes on multi-billion infrastructure projects, our insights and reputation as formidable advocates has made us a leading firm handling cases of varying complexity across many jurisdictions.

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