After completing a degree in linguistics Alex followed his love of language and found his way into the law. Alex believes that the key to success in his practice is to combine passion, creativity and dogged determination with knowledge and critical thinking. He knows that while many people feel intimidated by or frustrated with legal issues, it is his job to make sure that clients are aware of their available choices in everything they do. Since joining the Property Law Team as a paralegal, Alex has built a reputation for broad knowledge and enthusiasm in all things law. While some jibe his reading court judgements “just for fun”, Alex believes that a career as a solicitor should be one of continuous education and self-improvement for the benefit of his clients.

Alex enjoys taking the time to build a personal rapport with his clients to enable them to achieve the best outcomes and make informed decisions, from simple conveyancing matters to complex property issues.

Alex is known around the office for his sharp style and even sharper wit, and firmly believes that good colleagues and a friendly office atmosphere are as essential to the operation of a successful law firm as knowledge and experience. When he’s not working, Alex can be found reading and researching on his wide range of esoteric interests, writing letters with his beloved stationery, managing his two companies and lamenting that he doesn’t live closer to Government House.

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