Harrison believes that tax law is a powerful tool – it can be used to build highly successful businesses and families or bring them to their knees. In the hands of a highly-skilled tax lawyer like Harrison, you know you have a lawyer who will strive for the best tax outcomes possible.

Harrison advises across the range of Australian taxes, including state duties and international tax issues. He has a background working at both the ATO and the private sector focused entirely on tax advisory and disputes. He uses his ATO expertise to understand what the ATO is thinking to resolve tax disputes and protect his clients quickly.

He has acted for businesses of all sizes, as well as wealthy families and international investors. He has advised on business sales, restructuring businesses and corporate tax, expanding businesses overseas, GST advisory, tax planning for start-ups and of course, tax disputes.

Mr. Dell states, “To be a tax lawyer, it goes without saying that you need deep legal knowledge, attention to detail and understand your client’s business. You need all those things plus top listening skills and have a passion for problem-solving”.

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