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Litigation - Insolvency & Reconstruction
Litigation & Dispute Resolution Insolvency & Restructuring
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For Hugh litigation lawyers are guardians who, while may not be liked, are the unsung heroes of protecting people from others and sometimes themselves. He describes great lawyers as those who can engage with clients on a personal and intellectual level in order to humanise what can be a lengthy, tedious, frustrating and mechanical process.

As someone who works in a field where framing arguments and steering debates is a constant state of mind, Hugh strives to be true to his own moral code alongside providing his clients with the best legal position.

When not steering debates, Hugh may be found working on his car steering while pursuing his interest in mechanics which was partially fostered after completing a TAFE welding course. He’s also fluent in Spanish, so if anyone needs a Spanish-speaking certified welder and litigation lawyer, Hugh’s your man.

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