A sophisticated email scam is targeting law firms and their clients. Read more here.

If you have received a request to deposit money into a Chamberlains Law Firm account please call us on 02 6188 3600 to confirm the details.


Red flags to be aware of: 

  • The email address contains something other than @chamberlains.com.au
  • The email sender does not provide a referral source (or suggests they found you through an online search).
  • The initial email does not identify the law practice or solicitor by name.
  • The email uses awkward phrasing or poor grammar.
  • The email requests assistance on a legal matter in an area of law you do not practice.
  • The email is vague in other respects, such as stating that the sender has a matter in the “attorney’s jurisdiction”, rather than specifying the jurisdiction itself.
  • The email sender suggests that for this particular matter the “attorney” accept a contingency fee arrangement.
  • The email sender is quick to accept your fees and not negotiate.
  • The email sender assures you the matter will settle quickly.
  • The counterparty, if there is one, will also likely respond quickly, settling the dispute or closing the deal with little or no negotiation.
  • The email sender insists the money must be wired to a foreign bank as soon as the cheque has cleared.