Injury & Compensation.

Living with an injury is tough. Not just because of the physical pain, but because of the emotional and financial stress it puts on you and your loved ones.

Often our injuries are not the result of our own actions. Medical negligence, faulty products, unsafe work conditions, and poor judgement from others can all lead to life-changing injuries, and those responsible should be held accountable. This is an area of law which is often vigorously defended by insurance companies, and you need a lawyer with know-how who can take a stand for you.

Our Injury & Compensation Team have run some of the largest injury personal injury compensation cases and are well equipped to fight for what you deserve. While receiving compensation cannot change the past, it can be a crucial first step to help you get back on track.

Medical Negligence

Doctors do not always get it right, and when they get it wrong it can have permanent and expensive consequences. Even a simple check-up when performed inadequately could leave you in a position where you are entitled to compensation.

When a doctor’s treatment of a patient falls below the expected level of reasonable care, skill and diligence, this amounts to medical negligence. Examples of this is failing to:

  • Properly diagnose a condition;
  • Prescribe proper medication;
  • Refer you to an appropriate specialist;
  • Warn you of the risks involved in a treatment plan; or
  • Carry out a procedure with a proper level of skill and care.

The world of medical negligence is complex, time consuming, and can seem daunting to the untrained eye. That is why we at Chamberlains tailor our strategy to suit your individual needs, to help deliver the best results as quickly as possible.

Public Liability

Accidents such as slips, trips, and falls can happen to us at any time, and in some cases, can lead to costly trips to the doctors or serious injuries which may affect your life dramatically.

Everyone should expect to be safe when in a public or private space. However, if you do injure yourself, you may be entitled to compensation benefits including: present & future medical bills, medical aids & equipment, pain & suffering, and lost wages.

Common claim examples include:

  •      Injuries on public or private property (slips, trips & falls)
  •      Unsafe premises (such as balconies, stairs, surfaces)
  •      Injuries while at recreational facilities
  •      Animal attacks
  •      Physical assaults
  •      Sporting injuries

Public Liability claims can be complex and protracted, with each case requiring careful analysis. Our expert Injury & Compensation Lawyers here at Chamberlains can make the process easier all-around, and help deliver the best outcomes swiftly.

Product Liability

We never expect the products we buy day in and day out to be faulty. From the cars we drive to the food we eat; manufacturer defects have the potential to cause permanent physical injury, serious illness and even death.

If you’ve been injured by a faulty product, you may be entitled to compensation if the manufacturer was negligent in creating the faulty product.

This area of law often involves a complex mix of legislation and common law, and you need an expert to help navigate you to the best solution. At Chamberlains, we are diligent, hard-working and have the experience to help you properly manage your claim.

Institutional Abuse

Being the victim of institutional abuse is a traumatic experience not many people will ever be able to understand. It can make you feel traumatized, baffled and powerless. A lawyer can help you by standing with you throughout the process of bringing a claim.

At Chamberlains, we offer a supportive and understanding environment to help you feel empowered and in charge of the situation. We will assist you in finding a suitable compensation for your traumatic experience.

Most of the time compensation usually involves money, but can also be an apology or admission of guilt. The latter being something that usually helps providing closure to victims in a way money just cannot.

Income Protection Dispute

When you are injured, worrying about money should be the last thing on your mind. However, all too often, financial struggles become a focal point in your life when injury prevents you from working.

Nobody enjoys handing out money, and Insurance Companies are no exception. When it comes time to pay up, several issues can pop up seemingly out of nowhere that may prevent you from receiving what you are entitled to.

Our dedicated team is here to do all the hard work, and help you sort through these issues so you can focus on your recovery rather than financials.

Superannuation & Total and Permanent Disability Claims

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance may entitle you to a lump sum payment if you are injured and cannot return to work and is often provided as a part of your basic superannuation membership.

Making a claim can be complicated. Establishing all the evidence requirements and meeting all the time periods can be confusing, and it is a process you want to get right the first time. Chamberlains can not only help you make a claim but can also help you if your claim is rejected by your insurer.

Professional Negligence

When you seek help from professionals with skills in a specialised trade or service, such as accountants, financial advisors, engineers or lawyers, you expect a certain standard of quality in the work that they do. When professionals fall short of these standards, they can leave you worse off than when you came to them and hold some costly bills.

Poor planning, bad recommendations, incorrect advice and just plain old mistakes could all be the result of professional negligence. If you suffer a loss as a result of a professional’s shortcomings, you could be entitled to compensation.

If you think one of your professional advisors has gotten it wrong, let us make it right.

Worker's Compensation

The right to a healthy and safe work environment is a statutory right that all Australian workers have. Unfortunately, despite this right, thousands of workers are injured on the job every year due to poor site conditions or dangerous practices.

If you’ve been injured at work, you could be entitled to benefits under the Workers Compensation Scheme. There are strict deadlines that need to be complied with so acting quickly is essential.

At Chamberlains, we can guide you through the entire process. From advising on your prospects, to lodging a claim, to handling disputes with your employer or insurer, we can get the job done.

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