Tax Planning.

The last decade has seen an eye-watering increase in Australia’s tax complexity. With this complexity comes the need for specialist lawyers who can identify the risk and opportunities and help ensure you comply with the changes.

At Chamberlains, we’re experienced and skilled in translating technical matters and providing practical advice that can help you overcome tax hurdles, and add considerable value to whatever kind of transaction you may be planning.

Start Ups

In the heady first days of driving any start up business, things move quickly and no-one wants to get bogged down by heavy procedures like tax planning when there are more exciting and enjoyable choices to be made.

Yet putting your taxation planning front and centre can help sustain your business now and throughout its evolution.

Running a business will mean paying taxes of some kind. Exactly which taxes you pay and at what stage will largely be governed by how your business is legally structured from the start. This choice may also influence expansion and investment down the track, your intellectual property, and tax issues upon exiting the business.

Let us help you make the best choice for you and your future.

Fundraising and Venture Capital

Businesses looking for outside money to grow their operations often turn to fundraising or venture capital for viable financial backing.

Such transactions have unique due diligence considerations. Chamberlains’ focus is on successfully negotiating barriers and allowing you to obtain financing deals that meet your business objectives in a timely manner.

Whether it is advising on funding options, tax and corporate structures, or developing offer documents and prospectuses, our sophisticated understanding of markets ranging from manufacturing and retail to professional services coupled with our sensitivity to strategic business matters and tax implications can give you the foundation to go further and faster.

Corporate Restructures

A corporate restructure can be a valuable exercise that helps your business become more competitive, more robust in an adverse economic climate, or set you up to pursue a completely new direction.

Whatever your goal, navigating the complexities and challenges you face is made easier working with Chamberlains’ expert team.

We have extensive experience implementing tax rollovers under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth) and the corporate consolidation framework

We work collaboratively with your other advisers and can help you maximise tax effectiveness, protect your assets and reach your objectives with minimal capital gains tax and stamp duty consequences.

Tax Advisory

Tax. The word alone is enough to invoke confusion, caution or apathy among many business owners, if not downright resentment.

Yet at Chamberlains we see it for what it is … an important instrument that, if understood and used strategically, can become one of the most effective ways of sustaining or even growing your business.

Our expertise extends to income tax, corporate tax, GST, Division 7A, anti-avoidance provisions from the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, capital gains tax and rollovers, and private ruling applications.

We can even develop tailored strategies in consultation with your accountant to maximise your tax flexibility.

Tax Disputes

There’s no need to go it alone when confronted with what may initially seem like a daunting tax dispute.

Our tax team’s in-depth procedural knowledge of the tax system means we’re ideally positioned to give realistic advice on disputes with the Australian Taxation Office relating to income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax and GST.

We can also assist with all types of private ruling applications or commercial deals.

Where feasible, we will negotiate and resolve your dispute quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Alternatively, we can expertly represent you in tax-related litigation that brings the matter to a fast and positive conclusion.