When you purchase a property off the plan, you expect to receive it in immaculate condition. After all, it’s brand new!

Unfortunately, at Chamberlains, all too often we see developers cutting corners when it comes to property finishes and being a little on the lazy side when it comes to repairing property defects. This can leave the buyer frustrated and deflated at a time when they really should be celebrating a milestone in their life.

Recently Chamberlains had great success with an off the plan unit and a not-so-diligent developer. Not only was settlement delayed by over a year, forcing the buyer to live in a constant state of uncertainty (think travel plans, rent, temporary accommodation), but when settlement finally did occur, the buyer did not get exactly what they had paid for.

The developer had, quite literally, cut some corners. They had messed up the building plans and completely omitted to build a section of the apartment. The developer tried to cover up their mistake, denied any wrongdoing and refused to build the apartment in accordance with the plans in the contract. However with the help of Chamberlains, the builder finally took responsibility and re-built the apartment as per the plans (they re-painted it too, for good measure). They even put the buyer up in a nice hotel for the duration of the works.

At Chamberlains we think it is only fair that you should get what you paid for. With the influx of new developments popping up around Canberra, it is important that the buyers (and especially first home buyers) are aware of their rights. Off the plan contracts are thick, with extensive special conditions, (mostly in favour of the developer) so it’s important you get proper legal advice before you sign up.

Chamberlains take the time to explain the process of purchasing property off the plan, and will be there to guide you through the whole process, from putting in an offer, to settlement and beyond.


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