Business Crisis Management Packages in light of COVID-19

COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on all businesses. Businesses must be pro-active in their response to this crisis, with a view to both short- and long-term implications.

In light of the current circumstances, Quinn M&A together with Chamberlains Law Firm are working together to ensure our clients are supported throughout these challenging times. Our joint approach will assist clients with:

  • Preparing a suitable crisis management response plan;
  • Executing that plan;
  • Ensuring business continuity and survival, and;
  • Planning for business operations post-crisis.

In light of the cashflow constraints impacting on most businesses in these times and given our view of the necessity of these services to support businesses we are offering our services to clients at reduced fixed fee rates, with fee financing options available.

Our crisis management advice involves the following steps:

1. Business evaluation and formation of business plan

Our business evaluation process will assess:

  • What risks does the crisis pose to the operation of your business?
  • What risks are posed to your employees and customer base during this crisis?
  • Defining the essential aspects of your business, including which staff are essential to maintaining effective operation.
  • How will revenue streams be affected? It is important to consider early how your business cashflow is affected by the crisis. This consideration will help you to assess what components of your business may/will have to be altered to adapt to the new situation.
  • What obligations does the business have? These include those to financial institutions such as Banks, and statutory obligations such as Federal Taxes.

Upon conclusion of our business evaluation we will provide an easy to understand report to our clients outlining what they need to know about their current circumstances and our advice on how they should plan for the crisis and beyond

2. Initiate and deploy strategies

We will work with clients to implement strategies recommended by our business evaluation. Our implementation guidance will assist clients with:

  • Implementing and promoting new sales initiatives to promote new business strategies and to take on new business where possible.
  • Adapting to new working strategies, including ensuring staff safety, managing productivity and efficiency challenges and business continuity issues.
  • Cutting costs and managing cashflow, including guidance on employment issues, lease negotiations and revenue security.
  • Managing insolvency risks.
  • Scaling up post-crisis in order to resume business as usual.

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