Class Actions

Join others who have been similarly affected by an organisation's or company's wrongdoing and we'll champion your cause, keep you in the loop and work hard to get you the best outcome.

We picked the most highly specialised and talented lawyers.

A class action is a lawsuit initiated by a group or ‘class’ of people who claim to have been harmed or damaged by a defendant’s acts or lack of action.

It is a powerful legal weapon and one which Chamberlains’ motivated lawyers expertly wield to help individuals and corporate claimants across many different sectors.

With an established reputation as trusted leaders in class action suits, we give individuals a practical and efficient way to join forces and bring claims that otherwise may not feasibly be heard on their own.



Upcoming Class Actions

Chamberlains is currently investigating class actions against major industry participants in the following areas:

  • Building and Construction.
  • Financial Services.
  • Employment.
  • Shareholder and Investor Actions.
  • Corporate Class Actions.
  • Franchising Class Actions.
  • Consumer Affairs.

Find out more about our upcoming class actions here.


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