At Chamberlains we specialise in Estate and Succession planning. We understand that circumstances in life can make your succession planning requirements more sensitive, such as caring for a disabled family member, who may require care after you have died.

We appreciate making these arrangements can be difficult. It can be hard to acknowledge that you are not going to be able to care for your loved one forever, and that eventually arrangements will have to be made for the continued care long into the future. That’s where we come in. Our expert team works hard so that you are aware of all your options and can make the necessary decisions with minimum stress and maximum care for your loved ones.

We have extensive experience in succession planning for alternate care arrangements, adequate provisioning, guardianship and any other succession elements that will affect your family. We also provide options for succession in blended families and non-traditional family structures.

It is vital to ensure that you have your documentation in place, and this can mean more than just a Will. Our team will walk you through the scenarios that might suit your situation in respect to Powers of Attorney, Superannuation, Life Insurance, Special Disability Trusts and more to ensure that your loved ones don’t miss out on the resources that you have spent your life preparing for them.

Our solutions are tax effective, which means that your estate wont be whittled away before it even has the chance to benefit your family, and ensures that each of your hard earned dollars go further.


Special Disability Trusts

We can assist you in determining whether your loved one meets the definitions making them eligible for a Special Disability trust, and then put that trust in place for them. A Special Disability Trust is a Trust fund for the sole benefit of your loved one that enjoys taxation concessions, and exists to provide funds for care, medical expenses, maintenance, housing and some discretionary funds for your loved one. Special Disability Trusts may also be exempt from Centrelink asset testing if below the allowable concessional amount, allowing your loved one to continue to receive disability payments.


Alternate Care Arrangements

Although there is no alternate to the love and care that you provide, we ensure that your loved one will have structures in place that provide the next best thing, all the while securing those finances so that they stay where they are needed most.



Budgeting is not always easy, especially when putting together a plan for decades after you’ve passed away. We can develop structures that ensure the provisions for your loved ones are secured along the trajectory you set, while still allowing for the bumps in the road that your loved one might have to deal with.



We can explain the process of guardianship, and (where appropriate) assist you in nominating the next guardian of your child or loved one. We can also assist with guardianship questions and applications during your lifetime.


Blended Families

The nuclear family is increasingly uncommon in our modern world. Our expert advice can assist you in making provision for any of your family, and securing that provision for their benefit.


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