Last week Chamberlains and its clients were targeted by scammers.

A client informed us that he received a suspicious email directing him to deposit moneys into trust in preparation for a property purchase. The email was sophisticated and detailed in nature, and very convincing.

Fortunately, the client contacted us urgently to confirm our request when he noticed that the account details for Chamberlains in the email were different to those he had on record. It appears that our client has been targeted in a phishing scam. The email did not originate from our server or our network, but looked like it did.

Please be assured client files and confidential information have not been compromised. No moneys held by Chamberlains for its clients have been misdirected or otherwise lost.

This incident is not isolated. Yesterday, it was reported that two law firms in Queensland have lost several million dollars after similar email scams resulted in the misdirection of trust money and settlement funds.

You can find more details about the Queensland incidents here: Queensland Law Firms Lose Millions to Hackers

What to do:

In light of the reported incidents, when dealing with Chamberlains we ask that you assist us with the following steps for all deposits and payments:

  • If you receive a request from us to pay money to us, whether it is to our trust account or general office account – please call us to confirm the details on (02) 6188 3600. We can also take credit card payments into trust or accept credit card payments of our bills over the phone.
  • When you ask us to transfer moneys to your account directly rather than drawing a cheque to you, we will call you to confirm your banking details.

DO NOT act on any request to deposit funds without speaking to us on (02) 6188 3600.

If you become aware of scam activity, please contact us, report it to ScamWatch and the Australian Federal Police Cybercrime Team.

Thank you for your understanding. Do not hesitate in contacting us on (02) 6188 3600 or by email if you have any questions.