Insurance Law

Our legal experts provide comprehensive advice on a wide range of insurance issues including indemnity and coverage concerns, allegations of fraudulent behaviour, insurance related recoveries, and defended claims work.

We picked the most highly specialised and talented lawyers.

Our experienced and qualified insurance team are well versed in a wide range of insurance matters including litigation and dispute resolution. At Chamberlains, we pride ourselves on only using lawyers specialised in the area to look after your matter(s).

We commit to providing an efficient and timely resolution of matters to our clients whilst keeping costs to a minimum and having the clients’ bests interest at the forefront of our minds.

Process - what happens next?

Initial case evaluation

After an initial briefing of your matter, we will provide you with a preliminary quote.


We look into all aspects of your matter and suggest the most viable path for you.

Case management

The Chamberlains team will work tirelessly to reach the best possible outcome for you.


Areas of expertise

Our team has carriage of matters on behalf of several of Australia’s largest insurers and brokers. Our experience extends to areas such as:

  • Advising whether the claim falls within the scope of the policy of insurance;
  • Investigation of claims including fraud;
  • Successfully defending litigated matters;
  • Insurance recoveries for subrogated insureds who have suffered damage at the hands of others;
  • Litigation of matters;
  • Expert Evidence; and
  • Enforcement of judgments.

We also run seminars and webinars for our clients on topical issues in insurance, litigation and dispute resolution.


  • Does my insurance company have to cash settle, repair, or replace?

    Under most policies, your insurer has the right to decide whether to cash settle, repair or replace. The decision will depend upon the nature and extent of the damage.

  • Insurance investigations – What information can my insurance company request for me?

    If your insurer is conducting an investigation into your claim, they must only investigate matters that are relevant and necessary to the claim, and must do so in an appropriate and respectful manner. Investigators must only collect information that is reasonably relevant to the investigation. Some information that is commonly requested includes bank statements, telephone records, driving records. If you have concerns about the nature of the information being requested from you, you should ask your insurer to explain why the information is relevant

  • If I pay my premiums by instalments am I still covered?

    Yes, you will still be covered if you are paying your instalments on time. Your insurer cannot cancel your insurance policy for non-payment without providing you with written notice at least 14 days before cancellation.

  • What special services do I need to consider as a broker?

    • An insurance broker is required to act in the best interests of its clients. All brokers must comply with a code of conduct as members of the National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia (“NIBA”). As part of the NIBA, Insurance Brokers are expected to review its clients’ policy of insurance, advise on changes that may have an affect on its clients and must do what is necessary to ensure that its clients are in compliance with their insurance, whether it be fulfilling disclosure requirements or ensuring that an insured’s premiums are paid on time.
    • As there is a requirement for insurance brokers to act in the best interests of their clients, those interests must comply with all relevant laws, there must be transparency to manage conflicts of interest that may rise. There are various other service standards to must be complied with and this can be found under the NIBA Code of Practice.
    • An insurance broker is required to assist its clients in identifying risks and explain terms or conditions, benefits, costs associated with insurance policies or discuss exclusions that may affect an insured’s compliance with its policy of insurance.

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