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The Intellectual Property (IP) that resides in your business may be your most valuable asset, whether it is used to protect your company, commercialise your invention or attract funding and partnerships.


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The Intellectual Property (IP) that resides in your business may be your most valuable asset, whether it is used to protect your company, commercialise your invention or attract funding and partnerships.

It makes sense to have mechanisms such as patents, trade marks and design registrations in place to shield you from infringement claims and competition, and to do so quickly.

Our team at Chamberlains has experience servicing all intellectual property needs, working with both large multi-national organisations as well as small to medium sized businesses and individuals.

Chamberlains can provide the legal advice necessary to protect, buy/sell or amend your intellectual property.


Process - what happens next?

Initial case evaluation

After an initial briefing of your matter, we will provide you with a preliminary quote.


We look into all aspects of your matter and suggest the most viable path for you.

Case management

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A patent provides you with a legally enforceable right to an invention. It ensures that you are able to solely make, use, license or sell your invention.

Our team at Chamberlains is able to service all your patent needs. If you believe that you have a patentable invention, call our team for a free initial consultation to discuss your idea.

Trade Marks

While a picture is worth a thousand words, there’s no telling how valuable a trade mark can be to your business. It can add credibility and value to your products, improve sales and trust in your business, and increase familiarity and public awareness of your brand.

Taking control and ownership of your distinctive branding is essential to the success of your business. Trade marks can range from the traditional use of logos, words and slogans, to the more subtle use of colour, shape, sounds, scents or movements. If it’s unique to your business, it could be trademarkable.

Contact us if you have any questions about your Trade Mark.


A design registration protects the overall appearance of your product. This includes the shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation of your product.

If you have a new product that looks unique, speak to a Patent Attorney at Chamberlains to see what you can do about protecting your product.

Intellectual Property Protection

Knock-offs and copy cats persistently pop up in the market place and the team at Chamberlains can help you stop them.


  • What is the TM symbol?

    Generally, to advertise what your trade mark is, you can use the ™ symbol after your trade mark at any point in time in any country. Using the ™ symbol helps the public recognise and remember your business.

  • How do I protect my design?

    In order to protect your design in Australia, an application must be filed with the local government body, IP Australia. This application is typically prepared by a patent attorney using illustrations of your design.

  • What is the ® symbol?

    You can only use the ® symbol once your trade mark is registered and in the country that your trade mark is registered.

    You can use the symbol if your trade mark is registered overseas and not in Australia, however you are required to show the country of registration close to it.

    Although it is legal to use the TM symbol without registration, it is an offense if the ® symbol is used without a registered trade mark. The Australian Federal Police, Customs Border Patrol or Intellectual Property Specialists deal with infringements of this nature and can be utilised if you require legal aid in such circumstances.

  • What does a Registered Trade Mark Give Me?

    Once your trade mark is registered you are legally able to enforce your trade mark rights and actively stop others from using your trade mark and trade marks that are deceptively similar to your registered trade mark.

    Without trade mark registration, you are vulnerable to other businesses using your trade mark to see their goods and services.

    Seeking legal advice through an Intellectual Property Specialist is a highly effective way of understanding your trade mark and remaining in the know about the status of your intellectual property.

  • What is the process of filing a patent and how do I get started?

    Firstly, a patent is drafted by a Patent Attorney. Once drafted, the patent is then filed online with IP Australia.

    There are three main types of patent applications that can be file in Australia:

    1. Provisional Patent Applications;
    2. Standard Patent Applications; and
    3. Innovation Patent Applications.

    The type of patent application you require will depend on a number of factors. Speaking to a Patent Attorney is recommended to determine which patent application is best suited for you. Chamberlains’ Patent Attorneys are able to determine the right patent application for you, as well as draft and file the application on your behalf.


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