Chamberlains Law Firm are currently acting for a number of clients who were subjected to sexual abuse and severe physical abuse during their time in Juvenile Justice Centres.

We are looking for witnesses to come forward who may assist with our investigations of the following centres:

  • Yasmar Shelter
  • Minda Shelter
  • Daruk Boys Home
  • Charlton Boys Home
  • Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre
  • Mount Penang Juvenile Justice Centre
  • Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre

Across the abovementioned institutions, there are countless allegations of sexual abuse and severe physical abuse. The abuses included, grooming, illegal strip searches, digital penetration, forced masturbation and rape. From guards to superintendents, these atrocities were inflicted upon children by those responsible for their care and welfare. Further to the abuse often came threats of longer sentences for non-compliance with their abusers’ demands.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse stressed the unfortunate prevalence of sexual abuse in these centres. The report stated, “our inquiry indicated that detention environments may present higher levels of risk of child sexual abuse, as compared to many other institutional contexts”. The Commission revealed that of those who came forward, a staggering 515 children in detention have been abused since 1990. Unfortunately, we are aware that the number of unreported cases is much higher.

Sadly, these misuses of power have left victims with psychological injuries that last a lifetime. At Chamberlains Law Firm, we focus on restorative justice by seeking financial compensation against the institutions for the abuse suffered by our clients.