You might have heard the phrase “no-win no-fee” in the media, especially in relation to personal injury claims, but what does it actually mean?

Each costs agreement may be slightly different, but we have set our below what ‘no-win no-fee means in general terms.

What does “no win-no fee’ mean?

‘No win no fee’ means that your professional legal fees are only payable in the event of a successful outcome. A successful outcome means that you have achieved a resolution of your claim through either a settlement or a Court decision, whereby compensation or damages are paid to you.

This type of costs agreement gives everyone access to legal representation in a personal injury matter and ensures everyone has a fair chance of seeking compensation for injuries they have suffered at no fault of their own. Most of our clients are not in a position to pay for legal costs upfront, particularly in circumstances where they are injured and not able to work.

How much do I pay if my claim is successful?

If your claim is successful, depending on the terms of the settlement, the defendant may pay a large portion of your legal fees. Your lawyer may then recover the remaining legal fees associated with your case from your settlement sum. This should agreed between you and your solicitor prior to accepting any settlement amount and should be reasonable within the scope of your case.

What if my claim is not successful?

If your claim is not successful, i.e there is “no win”, then under your ‘no win no fee’ agreement you will not be required to pay your solicitor’s professional legal fees.

However you should also be aware, depending on the terms of your agreement, if your claim is not successful you may still be required to pay for any disbursements incurred by your solicitor on your behalf. Disbursements may include expenses such as court fees, requests for medical records and expert reports.

If you lose your case, in some circumstances you may also be required to pay the other side’s costs. You should consult your solicitor to discuss these terms in detail and what it can mean if you are not successful.

How can Chamberlains Help?

At Chamberlains we can provide assistance with making personal injury claims and offer ‘no win – no free’ arrangements for your claim. Contact us today for an obligation free appointment with our experienced team.


***Assisted by Anna Halpin***