The ACT Legislative Assembly’s Standing Committee on Economic Development and Tourism has held an inquiry into building quality in the ACT. The inquiry has come in response to assessing the quality of new buildings as well as discovering potential or actual causes of poor building quality within the ACT.

As a result, the ACT Government has responded with a stricter testing regime for builders, beginning in 2019, for those seeking to renew their licences. The test will involve two attempts, with the result, that those who fail both will not have their licences renewed. Note however, this is not new for Class C builders who since 2016, already need to sit a written test to receive their licence.

Further to those seeking to renew their building licences, prospective builders applying for Class A, B and C licences in the ACT will need to sit a skills and technical assessment. This test assessment will be released later this year. Current builders, however, are not exempt, if the Construction Occupations Registrar finds that a ground of discipline exists, he or she can require a current builder to sit the test.

To successfully complete both the testing and skills assessment, as well as preventing being targeted to complete assessment, it is important for current and potential builders to ensure that they are aware of:

  • their codes of practice;
  • the knowledge and technical understanding expected of them in the ACT; and
  • the quality standards expected of their buildings.

Access Canberra will oversee the notification of builders as to when complaints are made against them and will then inform them when a test needs to be sat.

The committee welcomes submissions from both the public and stakeholders to the inquiry, these submissions should be lodged by Friday, 6 July 2018.
for all those interested in making a submission there is a discussion paper located here.