Since being admitted in 2021, Manling has quickly built a solid reputation amongst clients and colleagues as a reliable and dedicated lawyer and a calm and friendly advisor in property transactions of all types. Manling brings an enviable diligence and a bright, sunny disposition to all her matters and excels in making each of her clients feel as though they are her only client. At work, Manling is valued by her colleagues not only for her competence and intelligence, but for her broad smile and positive attitude. Manling knows that great client outcomes can only be achieved when a great team work together, and has quickly cemented herself as a quintessential team player in the Firm.

When she’s not going above and beyond for her clients and colleagues, you can usually find Manling relaxing by the lake, thankful that she doesn’t have to look after anyone’s pot plants, and wishing she had the resources to continuously adopt a new litter of puppies every week.

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